System Optimization Services

4G Unwired offers many types of Optimization Services to assist our clients:

  • RF Coverage and SINR Modeling Analyses
  • Traffic Analyses
  • Defining and Preparing Drive Routes
  • Network Optimization Drive Test Services
  • Drive test training for your team
  • Remote KPI Analyses

As RF and Performance Engineers, our major focus is on the ‘Air Interface”. We post process and examine our client’s drive test data and review traffic and switch statistics to identify Issues that are typical of interference, loading and throughput issues.

It takes experience. 4G Unwired has optimized hundreds of 4G/3G and 2G cell sites around the world and uses a proven engineering methodology to improve network performance. The empirical data collected from the drive tests are post-processed by our engineers with the latest engineering software and analyzed to determine optimal site configurations and RAN data-fill settings.

signal level measurements

4G Unwired engineers can analyze collected wireless data from most all types of drive test equipment. For many clients, doing the drive testing and data collection themselves and having 4G Unwired remotely analyze the data is a cost-effective way to keep their system running at peak performance.