System Optimization

signal level measurements

Most cellular networks tested by 4G Unwired could use a tune up. Every time a new cell is added, it changes the operational performance of adjacent sites. Network data commands (commonly known as Datafil) must be adjusted based on both the RF Engineer’s knowledge and collected measured data. Why is this important? The Subscriber experience is improved, churn is reduced and simply stated - better performing networks make more money.

It takes experience. 4G Unwired has optimized hundreds of 4G/3G and 2G cell sites and uses a proven engineering methodology that utilizes a high speed scanner and extensive use of measured signal data collected from subscriber phone sets. The empirical data collected from the drive tests are post-processed by our engineers with the latest engineering software and analyzed on a daily basis to determine optimal site configurations and RAN data-fill settings.

4G Unwired engineers can analyze collected wireless data from most all types of drive test equipment. For many clients, doing the drive testing and data collection themselves and having 4G Unwired remotely analyze the data is a cost effective way to keep their system running at peak performance.

system optimization charts

We offer many types of Optimization Services to assist our clients:

  • RF Coverage and Modeling Analyses
  • Traffic Analyses
  • Defining and Preparing Drive Routes and Clusters
  • Site Shakedown Testing
  • Optimization Drive Testing
  • Drive test training for your team
  • Remote KPI Analyses