Small Cells and Wifi

Small Cell and Wifi

Small cells are primarily added to increase capacity in hot spots with high user demand and to fill in areas not covered by the macro network – both outdoors and indoors. They also improve network performance and service quality by offloading from large macrocells. The result is a heterogeneous (HetNet) network providing increased data rates per unit area.

The cost and speed-to-market advantages of Small Cells compared to macrocells can also make it economically feasible to provide coverage for smaller communities. They can also be deployed for Rural Coverage in remote areas that may only have 2G voice coverage or in some cases no coverage at all.

Although not specifically a Technology, it’s important to note that Small cells and WiFi systems require a different set of RF design considerations, and for accurate results, specialized knowledge and engineering tools. 4G Unwired engineers have both Small Cell and WiFi design experience, and know that incorrectly placed Small Cells may cause interference and will not effectively offload the macrocell network. Our engineers can perform a detailed traffic analyses to determine exactly where they are needed.

Small Cells

We offer the following services:

  • Budgetary (Nominal) RF Design
  • Ability to Evaluate and Integrate with Macro Network
  • Hybrid Clutter Database for accurate propagation modeling
  • Capacity Off-Load with Monte Carlo Analyses
  • Microwave Back Haul Design
  • Vendor Analyses
  • Google Earth Deliverables

4G Unwired can assist your team with either Metro or Rural Small Cell RF design. As propagation and spectrum planning experts, we have the advanced RAN software tools and experience to integrate Small Cells into your existing Macrocell network. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.