M2M Networks and IoT

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In the world of cell phone networks, M2M refers to devices other than cell phones using the wireless network to communicate with other devices or networks. Known also as the Internet of Things (IoT) wireless technology will be used to monitor equipment, utility meters and business systems from health care to automobiles.

Typically, a small device known as an M2M module is embedded in a larger device that needs to communicate over the wireless network. The M2M module contains the same type of radio and data circuits that would be found in a typical cell phone but without a display or keypad.

For IoT applications where low band wireless umbrella coverage is required to determine effective coverage area for M2M devices, 4G Unwired can provide worldwide propagation studies in Google Earth to assist clients technical and marketing business plans..

"…M2M Spectrum Networks…has signed some strong partners including tower firm Crown Castle, plus TrueNet to manage the build-out, GlobeRanger for the RFID solution, Raveon for the radio platform, and 4G Unwired for RF design. ReThink Technology Research