Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Analyses

 Key Performance Indicators analyses

Key Performance Indicators are a set of quantifiable events, parameters and measurements used in LTE, UMTS, CDMA and GSM networks to gauge or compare performance in terms of meeting mobile network's strategic and operational goals. 4G Unwired knows that KPIs can vary between management, marketing, operations and network engineers depending on their priorities, perspectives or performance criteria, sometimes referred to as "key success indicators (KSI)".

As RF and Performance Engineers, 4G Unwired’s major focus is on the ‘Air Interface” KPIs. We post process and examine client’s drive test data and review traffic and switch statistics to identify Issues that are typical of loading and congestion. Typically these are Call Setup failures, Handover issues, RF interference and Packet Switched Capacity overloads on cells that ring the edge of the market (“Market Edge”). We look for signs of high busy hour loading leading to higher interference and troublesome sectors.

To save costs, many Operators prefer to contract 4G Unwired for Remote KPI Analyses. We help them define clusters, drive routes and test equipment and UE set up parameters. Clients FTP the data, and 4G Engineers analyze the data.

 Key Performance Indicators analyses

For LTE KPI services we analyze:

  • PCI assignments
  • SINR
  • RSRP
  • Downlink and Uplink & Uplink Throughputs
  • Neighbor List Audit

An added benefit is that Operator personnel will be able to configure and use the equipment properly, download drive test data and transfer to 4G Unwired for post processing.