FCC Mobility Fund Engineering Services

901 FCC

LTE coverage shown at 5 MBs at cell edge,
30% loading at 80% Reliability

4G Unwired provides complete FCC & FAA cellular filing services for Operators including 901 (and 902) Mobility Fund testing, Form 477’s and FCC Shapefile submission. Working with well-known FCC attorneys, 4G Unwired developed a proprietary engineering methodology that met USAC’s & FCC’s stringent and complex Shapefile requirements. We partnered with our clients – most of whom did their own drive testing which saved both time and money - and 4G Unwired post processed their data and completed the required Deliverables.

The result was successful - all of our Clients were able to obtain final disbursement of their 901 Mobility Funds.

Fast forward to Q4 2017 and Q1 2018, and 4G Unwired is currently assisting LTE Operators with their 477 Filings which are due January 4th 2018.

We will also be providing engineering assistance for our LTE clients per the Commission’s rules in the MF-II Challenge Process Order. Please contact us at your convenience to discuss ways we can work together to meet your goals.