FCC 901 Mobility Fund Filing Services

901 FCC

4G Unwired provides complete FCC & FAA cellular filing services for Operators including 901 (and 902) Mobility Fund testing, verification and FCC Shapefile submission. Our Clients have been successful in obtaining final disbursement of 901 Mobility Funds validating our engineering methodology which meets the USAC’s and FCC’s stringent and complex Shapefile requirements. Developed with regulatory assistance from FCC attorneys, our proven engineering process is also cost effective for carriers.

Our clients typically elect to do their own drive testing to save on costs following the 4G Unwired data collection methodology. Because there may be multiple drives over several days on large Tracts, we manage the process by displaying the eligible roads, the drive test data and the photo locations for undrivable roads in a Google Earth KMZ as shown.

Clients collect the Eligible Roads data daily and upload to a 4GU FTP site. 4G Unwired engineers post process the data and send back a KMZ the next day, providing a visual reference that can be shared with your team to clearly see what was driven and if it passes the FCC criteria. The KMZ also shows all other eligible roads that remain to be tested in a different color. The daily KMZ of the drive tests permits the operator to manage both the daily drive tests and the photos required for undrivable roads.

901 FCC

We display the Eligible Roads in Yellow; the green dots depict the actual drive tests with the Down Link speed values displayed. The red lines are undrivable roads; 4GU has inserted yellow pushpins where the driver needs to take a photo and provide a short summary of why the road could not be driven.

In the KMZ supplied by 4G Unwired, clients can click on any green drive test marker and see all the associated data with that measurement including DL & UL Throughputs and Latency as required by the FCC. For all undrivable roads, either 4G Unwired, or client, can use propagation studies which are combined with the drive test mileage percentages to compute the total percentage covered of Eligible roads.

4G uses this visual data to create the required Shapefiles for submission by your FCC attorney. The clients' responsibility is to provide the photos referenced to the pushpin locations and the reason an Eligible road was undrivable.

Getting Started with the 901 Mobility Fund – Mapping the Eligible Roads

The key is extracting the correct roads from the FCC website. 4GU has developed a process that will extract and input the eligible Tiger Line ID road miles within the eligible Census Blocks inside each Census Tract for use within both mapping and propagation software

4G Unwired has assisted several 901 Awardees and we have developed a proven systematic and manageable process to help Carriers receive their Funds.