Welcome to 4G Unwired, an RF Engineering Consulting firm that serves the cellular industry in the US and Canada.

Welcome to 4G Unwired, Inc.

4G Unwired is an RF Engineering company that designs commercial wireless networks throughout the US, Canada and Latin America. We offer our clients innovative, cost-effective and responsive engineering solutions for designing, optimizing and operating the latest Radio Access (RAN) Networks.

Expertise, Innovation & Proven Performance

4G Unwired engineers have designed and/or optimized 4G/3G/2G networks worldwide with demonstrated improvement in KPIs. Our engineers have extensive experience with all major wireless equipment providers.

Our services include:

  • LRA (LTE in Rural America) Design & Optimization
  • FCC / FAA Cellular Engineering Compliance
  • Small Cell, HetNet and Wi-Fi Network Planning
  • 700 MHz LTE RF Planning and Budgetary Design
  • M2M System Design

Whether you are planning a new LTE network or upgrading and integrating with your existing GSM or CDMA system, call us to find out more about 4G Unwired's engineering solutions and services Toll Free at 1-877-215-8494