Welcome to 4G Unwired, an RF Engineering Consulting firm that serves the cellular industry in the US, Canada, Caribbean, Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions –

Wireless Technologies

  • 4G LTE Certified - 700 MHz Specialists
  • RF Design, Integration and Optimization of 4G/3G/2G wireless networks
  • Broadband and Microwave Network Design

Why 4G Unwired?

  • 4G Unwired has an excellent reputation in the Wireless Community for innovative and cost effective solutions
  • We have the technical skills, engineering tools and industry experience to add value to your wireless project
  • As an independent RF Engineering firm, 4G Unwired will ensure that your 3G and 4G networks are installed and operating correctly to industry standards
  • The Senior Staff at 4G Unwired has extensive experience with all major equipment vendors

To find out more about 4G Unwired’s engineering solutions and services, please contact us Toll Free at 1-877-215-8494