About 4G Unwired

4G Unwired, Inc. is a leading RF engineering consulting firm headquartered in Melbourne, Florida that designs Cellular Networks, Wireless Internet Systems, Small Cells, Wi-Fi, ODAS, IoT and Microwave Networks for commercial wireless carriers.

Our experienced senior RF engineers are propagation and technology experts who understand the value of knowledge transfer in assisting our clients with their wireless deployment plans. We offer friendly and professional RF engineering services that includes propagation studies, budgetary RF designs, FCC & FAA licensing services and remote KPI data analyses.

4G Unwired RF engineers have a wide range of wireless experience that includes 4G/3G/2G network design and optimization throughout the US, Caribbean, Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions.

4G Unwired Senior staff experience and qualifications include

  • Extensive commercial wireless telecom experience - former Cellular One, Ericsson & Agilent Technologies' Managers, Engineers, Software Developers and Technical Trainers
  • Radio Propagation Experts with LTE 4G/3G/2G Design Experience
  • Ongoing US and International wireless system cellular design with Atoll propagation software
  • On site and remote Network Optimization services
  • Cellular FCC / FAA licensing experts including 901 Mobility Fund Deliverables
  • Multi-lingual staff

Our Mission

2g-3g-4g cells phone

Improving our customer’s operational performance and profitability is our mission. Since we began operations in 2006, 4G Unwired has provided our clients with innovative and cost effective solutions for wireless network design, regulatory services, spectrum management and technology choices. We also work with many trusted partners to provide our clients with specialized and value added turnkey network services and products.

What We Do

Ice Road Northern Alaska

Ice Road Northern Alaska

4G Unwired engineers design, analyze and optimize wireless networks worldwide. From the North Slope of Alaska to the Caribbean and Middle East, our depth of knowledge comes from extensive experience with all major wireless equipment vendors and technologies. Providing RF Engineering services for our clients’ transition from 2G and 3G to 4G Radio Access Networks in almost every type of environment has given us a unique perspective on wireless propagation and system performance. Additionally, continued training on new technologies ensures that our clients receive Best Practices engineering services that now includes KPI diagnostics, cellular data analytics and remote Optimization services which saves both time and money.


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Prior to founding 4G Unwired in 2006, the Principals worked together for many years at TEC Cellular – the original developers of Wizard RF propagation software; SAFCO technologies – builders of the industry's first cellular drive test equipment and Automatic Cell Planning software; and Agilent Technologies which provided RF and Performance engineering, test equipment and software. The management team and senior engineers for these companies provided RF engineering services and products throughout north America, CALA, Asia-Pacific and Middle East.

At the start of operations, 4G Unwireds’ client base included Nextel and several Tier 2 & 3 wireless carriers. In 2008, 4G Unwired began working for several international carriers in the Caribbean and Asia Pacific regions optimizing Nortel GSM networks. Today, some of our original regional wireless customers are still with us, and 4G Unwired continues to work for several international wireless operators, designing LTE systems which are now replacing aging 2G Networks.